One killed, 39 injured as gas leakage causes at Narayanganj

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A seven-year-old boy has died and 39 others injured as gas leakage triggered an explosion and six air conditioners exploded inside a mosque during Isha prayer in Narayanganj’s Fatullah on Friday night.

Around 150 people were attending the prayer when the incident took place. The explosion, triggered by gas leak, rocked the mosque at once bewildering the pilgrims whether the doomsday was there. All six ACs exploded at the same time and glasses of the windows were shattered in the blast.

Mosque committee president Gafur Mia said, “After hearing the sound of the huge explosion, I along with some local people rushed to mosque. We saw smoke was belching out of the mosque and many people are burnt severely. Some of them were screaming and rolling on road in front of the mosque.”

“We took 40 injured people to Narayanganj hospital. Later doctors there sent the critical patients to Dhaka,” he added.

Nazmul Hossain, doctor of Narayanganj 100-bed hospital, said, “People who were injured in the explosion started coming at the hospital after 9pm. Most of them sustained 70-75 percent burns. We sent them to Dhaka after primary treatment.”

The doctor also added that among the 20-25 severely injured people, some sustained upto 99 percent burns.

The injured were rushed to Dhaka Medical College Hospital and adjacent Sheikh Hasina Burn Institute from Narayanganj.

One of the victims, a boy named Zubayer, succumbed to his injuries. He suffered around 95% burn in the tragic incident. Besides another boy – Mainuddin, 12, is also in critical condition. While the Imam of the Mosque was also badly injured.

Dr Samanta Lal Sen, coordinator of the Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery, told this to the media at midnight.

Quoting local people, Debashis Bardhan, deputy director (Dhaka division) of Fire Service and Civil Defence, said, “There’s a gas line of Titas beneath the mosque. People used to smell gas inside the mosque sometimes. But Titas authorities reportedly did not solve the gas line problem.”

However, Titas authorities sent a staff to the mosque for maintenance after the incident. The staff claimed that they did not receive any complaint regarding the gas problem inside the mosque prior to the incident.

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